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  • Leatt 3DF 5.0 Knee Guards

    Leatt 3DF 5.0 Knee Guards

    Nathan in TN

    The Coverage I've Been Looking for

    These pads offer a great compromise of comfort and protection. I'm a long-time wearer of the cheap shin/knee cup guards and I was tired of having the inside of my knees beat up from gripping and banging against the side of the bike, so I decided it was finally time to upgrade. I'm glad I did! These pads have some nice padding on the side of the knee that I think will help prevent the bruising that was bothering me. I have yet to test these on the motocross track, but they're comfortable and stay put. The main patella pad sticks out a bit from the knee, but it doesn't bother me and it's well worth the coverage on the top of the knee. I was torn between getting these and the version that has either a full or partial shin guard. I chose these because there's really no need for a shin guard inside of a motocross boot, since the boot already serves that purpose. I confirmed that the bottom of the pad fits nicely with the top of the boot, and I don't feel like I'm losing any protection by not having an additional shin guard.

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  • Leatt 4.5 Hydra Roost Deflector

    Leatt 4.5 Hydra Roost Deflector

    Ty in AZ

    Great Protection and Hydration.

    This is another great product from Leatt. I like the protection it offers as well as the hydration and storage ability. I don't like carrying a lot of items against the body while riding for safety concerns, I put them in a small tail or tank bag. So this pack gives just enough space for a water bottle, gloves, first aid kit, or other smaller items. Seems pretty breathable, although I have not got to test it out in the Phoenix heat.

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  • Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guards

    Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guards

    Milton in FL

    Surprisingly Comfortable

    Had different brand knee guards in the past that were very uncomfortable, so I stopped using them. after a couple of nice hits to my knee I decided to get these based on positive reviews, and I have to say you can't notice you have them on while riding, they are that good. Well done Leatt.

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  • Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Protector

    Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Protector


    very comfortable!!!

    fits great, looks great, and its safe!! i liked a lot.

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  • Leatt 5.5 Pro HD Roost Deflector

    Leatt 5.5 Pro HD Roost Deflector

    Kyle in NY

    Dad loves it

    Got this for my dad recently after he broke a few ribs, it is thick but he says he can breathe perfectly in it and the added protection was exactly what he needed!

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  • Leatt GPX 5.5 V.04 Helmet

    Leatt GPX 5.5 V.04 Helmet

    Jon in NC

    Leatt GPX 5.5 V.04 Helmet

    I bought this helmet after seeing a review video that raved about it. I have been impressed with Leatt products so far and this seemed like a bold approach for a new helmet. There must have been a lot of other riders with the same thought, because it was on back order for a month or so. When the helmet arrived, I knew I had made a great choice. The light weight, slightly smaller diameter (but not odd-looking at all) and extreme ventilation make it a super comfortable helmet. The turbines and suspension liner give it a very safe protective feel, and the field of view is huge. I've practiced (MX) in it twice and raced once and it is the best feeling helmet I've ever tried. Also the most attractive, in the red/black/white combo that I picked. Way to go Leatt! One note--the sizing chart is different than most. I usually wear size M, but for the Leatt it was a L. Also, I have a long, narrow head. If you have a round head, the fit might not be as comfortable.

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