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  • Leatt EXT Knee/Shin Guards

    Leatt EXT Knee/Shin Guards

    Bryson in ID

    Great knee guards

    The most comfortable knee guards I've ever worn and offer great protection.

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  • Leatt C-Frame Knee Brace Pair

    Leatt C-Frame Knee Brace Pair

    Jamie in CA

    Bad design, tore my meniscus

    This braces don't fit well and they will side and twist. I went to stop and the brace caught the motorcycle frame and it tore the meniscus in my knee. Going from 5 mph to stopping. Didn't fall, nothing.

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  • Leatt 3DF 5.0 Knee Guards

    Leatt 3DF 5.0 Knee Guards

    Lucas in MN

    Saved My Knee The First Time Out!

    I was training down south this winter and wanted to give a softer knee pad a try.. I gotta say these are perfect when it comes to flexibility. You barley know anythings on your knee and the soft material that hardens on impact is awesome to say the least! I washed out around a corner and knee slammed the bars pretty good.. But I really didn't feel anything so job well done Leatt.. I've done the same thing with no knee pads and it wasn't pretty!

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  • Leatt 3DF Knee Guards

    Leatt 3DF Knee Guards

    scott in IN

    Best ever!

    I have used several brands of knee pads over the years and these are by far the most comfortable and functional. I have bought a pair for the wife and another for the son. Leatt has great products and these are my favorite

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  • Leatt 3DF AirFlex Knee Guards

    Leatt 3DF AirFlex Knee Guards

    DC in Texas

    Not good for motocross

    Wanted to try something different, these are VERY light, comfortable, and breathable. However, they consistently fall down after landing jumps etc, uncovering your kneecap. Also there is no padding on the inside of the knee, so gripping the bike beats up your knees. Probably ok for trail, atv, etc.

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  • Leatt 3DF 3.0 Kidney Belt

    Leatt 3DF 3.0 Kidney Belt

    Aaron in CA

    Quality you can expect from Leatt

    Serious awesome kidney belt with a ton of protection. I'm a 34 waist and the small/medium fits me perfect. Works well paired with the Leatt 5.5 pro lite chest protector. Great alternative to a pressure suit.

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