Cycra Dirt Bike Parts: Handlebar-Control

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  • Cycra Handguard U-Clamps

    Cycra Handguard U-Clamps

    TONY in CA

    These Work

    They haven't moved even when the bike has gone down. Good product that that takes control lines into consideration. good design

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  • Cycra Low Profile Enduro Handshields

    Cycra Low Profile Enduro Handshields

    SONNY in NC

    hand guards

    great products

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  • Cycra Probend Plastic Bumpers

    Cycra Probend Plastic Bumpers

    Ryan in MN

    Looks good

    Great product to protect the sides of your handguards.

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  • Cycra Enduro Handshields

    Cycra Enduro Handshields

    Ryan in MN

    Great Product

    Went on like new and are holding up great even when riding in -20 degrees in the mountains.

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  • Cycra Side Triple Clamp Mount Adaptors

    Cycra Side Triple Clamp Mount Adaptors

    Don in AZ

    OK if you don't crash more than occationally

    Less than 2 years into riding, and not shy about trying stuff on the trail I tend to drop the bike a lot. These are tall, and they tend to fold over the top of the triple clamp upper clamp after the first fall. Then they continue to do so until they can't fold much any more. After about 8 months one side eventually failed all together. Also these don't come with the triple clamp longer bolts, so plan to hit up your moto shop or hardware store for something 1/2" or 12.5mm longer than what is currently on your bike. If they left a machined gusset in there on the side opposite the flat part that sits agains the triple, these would likely last a lot longer. As it is I went to the double T type setup from Cycra. I think they call it the Pro Solution or something. Basically a bridge between the two hand guards, with two bar mounts that bolt up just outside of each side of the handlebar mount. These have proven bomber.

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  • Cycra Probend Bar Pack

    Cycra Probend Bar Pack

    Don in AZ

    Good ergo, OK hardware

    Look good, have held up well, and generally few issues. The only issue I have are the inserts which tie the outside edge to the inside of the handlebar. They tend to pull out a bit, then the bolt bends. Usually have to mallet them in and tighten with temporary results. After re-configuring my setup, I used the bar end inserts from the Tusk set of hand guards used prior to these. Those are bomber, and the issue is gone. Beef up the bar end hardware and these would be a 5.

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