Cycra Dual Sport Accessories: Handlebar-Control

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  • Cycra Enduro Handshields

    Cycra Enduro Handshields

    Shawn in CA

    The best shields out there

    Wouldn't think of riding trails without hand guards....Cycra makes the best.

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  • Cycra CRM Probend Handguards for Fasst Flexx Bars

    Cycra CRM Probend Handguards for Fasst Flexx Bars

    Kyle in OR

    Poor Mounting Method

    The handguards themselves are great quality and the contour matches my Flexx bars well, but the mounting hardware is a joke. They supply these plastic PVC pipe like spacers to use with this ridiculously long M6 bolt to attach through the pivot point on the Flexx bars. I gave it a try and tightened everything up as much as I could without breaking the spacers. The handguards were flimsy to say the least. I could grab them and wiggle them up and down. No way would these hold up in even a slight tip over. I went out a bought some M10x1.25 bolts 50mm long that would thread into the pivot on the Flexx bars and made some spacers out of aluminum so that I could tighten everything down snug. Much better now. I bought these because they were supposed to specifically fit the Flexx bars, which I guess they did and would be fine if all you needed them for was blocking wind. I was disappointed when I saw how they were supposed to mount and I think Cycra needs to rethink this mounting method.

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  • Cycra CRM Racer Pack 1 1/8" Bars

    Cycra CRM Racer Pack 1 1/8" Bars

    Mark in CA

    Good Quality and Easy Mounting

    I bolted these up on a 2000 XR650L with Protaper CRhi bend fat bars and 2" Rox Risers and they fit great! These give good coverage and with the 4 bolt bar clamp I doubt they will move in a crash. After installing these I began to ask myself why I didn't do this before, clutch, brake levers, and brake master cylinders get expensive so this WILL save you money in the long run.

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  • Cycra CRM Racer Pack 7/8" Bars

    Cycra CRM Racer Pack 7/8" Bars

    Jacob in MA

    Worth the money

    Definitely worth the extra money. I've tried many different brands on my bike and these are absolutely the best. I won't ever use another brand again!

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  • Cycra Probend Bar End Set

    Cycra Probend Bar End Set

    Steven in NC

    a must have for thick walled handlebars

    Very good parts, if you have thick-wall bars you need these.

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  • Cycra Probend Plastic Bumpers

    Cycra Probend Plastic Bumpers

    Joe in OK

    like new again

    An exact replacement for the original scratched and damaged bumpers.

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