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  • All Balls Clutch Cable

    All Balls Clutch Cable



    I didn't know a clutch cable could make such a difference. The cable broke on my 1986 Klr 250 and this was a perfect fit and the clutch has never felt this good!!! Definitely worth the money and very fast shipping!!

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  • All Balls Throttle Cable

    All Balls Throttle Cable

    Carl in CA


    My stock throttle cable had seen years of service and died a dignified death. This cable fit as a great replacement! Easy to install, pay attention to top and bottom cable attachment. Other than that youtube is your best friend because there was no instructions. Would buy again.

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  • All Balls Rear Brake Pedal Rebuild Kit

    All Balls Rear Brake Pedal Rebuild Kit

    Corey in VA


    I usually keep up with the all the issues on my old bike, but these bearings/pivot were clapped out on my bike! I had it adjusted all the way and it made it very difficult to brake while standing. Replaced the junk with these parts (had to dremmel grind the old races out) and I have such better feel now. I had to re-learn how to go fast with a responsive rear brake. Awesome!

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  • All Balls Clutch Master Cylinder Repair Kit

    All Balls Clutch Master Cylinder Repair Kit

    Tyson in UT

    Do not buy, get the oem kit

    Bought the allballs kit because it was 25 bucks and the oem kit was 50. The allballs kit is good quality except for two parts. First the snap ring they include is junk. It is way to stiff and slightly larger which makes it very difficult to install and it tears up the lip it sits inside of. Second the nylon washer is supposed to act as a stopper for the plunger, the inner hole is too large and it allows the plunger to come through the washer which will damage your seals and if your clutch lever stop breaks it could allow the plunger to fly out then your really screwed.

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