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  • Supersprox Stealth Rear Sprocket

    Supersprox Stealth Rear Sprocket

    Sean in FL

    Supersprox Why Why Why did I wait so long

    Without question the best decision I ever made was to purchase this sprocket. We have raced 6 Harescrambles, 3 Enduros, LLAQ, 2-3 x week training and still rocking this bad boy. Definitely paid for itself. Will never buy another brand except an absolute emergency.

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  • Supersprox Front Sprocket

    Supersprox Front Sprocket

    Michael in NV

    Wearing great but lost some color quickly

    Holding up well after 3 months but seems to lose some color after a couple of washes. I use degreaser and Maxima chain cleaner after every ride and they're not as bright black as brand new. No complaints about performance though.

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  • Supersprox Rear Steel Sprocket

    Supersprox Rear Steel Sprocket

    Michael in NV

    Off-road riding needs a steel rear sprocket

    I'm impressed with the rear sprocket. It lost some color after a few washes/cleanings but is wearing very well and does not make noise. Good product and will buy again.

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  • Supersprox Rear Aluminum Sprocket

    Supersprox Rear Aluminum Sprocket

    Tyler in OH

    just get steel

    doesn't compare to steel when it comes to durability. aluminum sprockets just look good.

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