Klim Dual Sport Riding Gear: Womens Riding Gear

If you’re in the market for the finest riding gear around, Klim is your choice. No other brand in the industry has such an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in quality and comfort. It’s the ideal option for every adventure motorcycle rider. However, even though Klim is primarily recognized in dual sport and adventure touring circles, that doesn’t mean that its versatility can’t offer off-road or street purists premium gear. That’s why you’ll find Klim products across all of our powersport categories: dual sport, ATV, dirt bike, UTV and street bike.

With a complete product line that covers everything from jackets and pants to boots and goggles, Klim has something for everyone. Pick up a new set of gear from Klim to discover how incredible it is.

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  • Klim Neck Warmer

    Klim Neck Warmer

    Ludwig in UT

    a warm neck is a happy neck

    It's good. It keeps my neck warm. Thank you for looking at this product, and I hope it someday keeps your neck warm as well.

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  • Klim Balaclava

    Klim Balaclava

    KEVIN in OR

    Kim bacalava works great good for riding in Western Oregon

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  • Klim F4 Helmet

    Klim F4 Helmet

    Lars in AZ

    Great Helmet for Summer

    I was suprised how much ventalation is in this helmet. So cool my head was actually cold. It comes with some covers and parts to close some ventalation off. Also you can hear so much from the ventalation you will notice every little noise from your bike. Fit is great and it takes all goggles. I bought a $500 Airoh Carbon from italy. Its light as a feather but would only take the 100% brand SMALL goggles and I did not like that. This F4 takes all. Its not the lightest but not the heaviest. For the price the weight is right otherwise your looking $500 north for a carbon light helmet. If your head gets hot this is hands down the best helment for cool breeze! Cant wait to try it out in the summer here in AZ.

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  • Klim Krios Vanquish Helmet

    Klim Krios Vanquish Helmet

    Jaron in AR

    Premium Light Weight Option

    Chose this helmet for the touted weight and high flow characteristics. Originally I ordered a Hi-Viz but when I received it the chin vent metal mesh was caved in. I couldn't tell what kind of defect it was but it almost appeared as if it was inserted wrong at the factory and the glue made it a permanent non-fix. RockyMountain was was great with the return process but unfortunately they didn't have another Hi-Viz in stock so I continued on with the all black carbon fiber version. The second helmet had no such quality issues, more in-line with what I expect from Klim. As far as sizing goes, I picked a Medium as I sized between the medium and large and it fits perfectly. What I understand is the Klim helmet only has two shell sizes and the medium is the smaller of the two. The inner liner is high grade and easily removable. The helmet flows a lot of air to the face but is still a little warm around the crown, this may be improvable if the foam was removed over the drown vent. I have ridden and commuted over 2k miles in this helmet so far and it performs great. The included anti-fog pin-lock is great for cool morning rides, even without it there is enough air-flow to keep the center of the visor from fogging well into the 40's. The helmet keeps true to its promise of being super small and light weight, hardly any fatigue after a 300 mile ride. The visor seems well designed and doesn't catch much buffeting at any speeds. My only qualm with this helmet is how loud it is at highway speeds, earplugs required, but I suppose it comes with the territory when you go so thin/light weight.

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  • Klim Arsenal Vest

    Klim Arsenal Vest

    Jeff in CO

    Love having everything right at my finger tips and not caring a back pack and a fanny pack filled with tools.

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  • Klim Women's Altitude Jacket

    Klim Women's Altitude Jacket

    Anne in ID

    women's klim altitude jacket

    fit is a bit small--i usually wear a medium, but the large in this works best, with room enough for heated jacket and puffy underneath. great fit, movement, comfort.

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