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  • Scorpion VX-R70 Ascend Helmet

    Scorpion VX-R70 Ascend Helmet

    Francesco in MA

    Great bang for the buck helmet

    Put about 60 hours on one of these helmets in 2017, great overall lid and I've worn lots. The fit is similar to a Bell, the liner material is really high quality and comfortable, and you have the cheek pad air pump to customize the fit, which I've never needed to use because it fits me perfectly right out of the box. I have long curly hair and never had an issue putting this helmet on. Also replacement parts are available in case you want to put a fresh liner in or something gets broken in a crash/roost. I've used it with Oakley Crowbar and O Frame without an issue. I did have to remove the helmet nose guard when using with the Crowbar because that goggle had a built in hose guard that will interfere with the helmet's.

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  • Scorpion VX-35 Helmet

    Scorpion VX-35 Helmet

    JESSE in NM


    Alright helmet, nothing awesome. Spend a little more and protect your head.

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  • Scorpion VX-35 Finnex Helmet

    Scorpion VX-35 Finnex Helmet

    DANIEL in AZ

    Great helmet

    Great fit, really like the inflation button that gives that extra secure fit to the helmet.

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  • Scorpion VX-34 Solid Helmet

    Scorpion VX-34 Solid Helmet

    Phillip in UT

    Comfort, protection and affordability

    Love this helmet. Wish my street helmet was like this.

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  • Scorpion VX-35 Krush Helmet

    Scorpion VX-35 Krush Helmet

    Adrian in CO

    Hands down the best helmet I have ever worn! I used to wear a worn out fox helmet that never felt this good! The scorpion was comfortable as soon as I put it on. My second ride with it was a muddy one. The helmet is well designed with the removal liners and the construction of the inserts. This is a great bang for your buck helmet. I would recommend this to anyone that wants a high quality helmet with the $300 price tag.

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