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  • Scorpion Short-Cut Motorcycle Gloves

    Scorpion Short-Cut Motorcycle Gloves

    BRYAN in UT

    Great gloves

    I've worn these for a few rides now and they are comfortable but breath well when it is hot out. The only problem with them is they fit a size smaller than most gloves I buy. Good buy for the money!

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  • Scorpion Knee Sliders

    Scorpion Knee Sliders

    brendan in CA

    Held up well

    I normally go through a set of sliders in 2 days at the track. These seem to be holding up well and have more life left in them after my last 2 days at the track.

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  • Scorpion EXO-R410 Airline Motorcycle Helmet

    Scorpion EXO-R410 Airline Motorcycle Helmet

    WAYNE in CA

    Great Helmet!

    I have been wearing Scorpion helmets for years but this one is by far my favorite one! Very light and comfortable. I would recommend Scorpion helmets to anybody who is considering a new helmet.

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  • Scorpion Klaw II Motorcycle Gloves

    Scorpion Klaw II Motorcycle Gloves

    Marcus in FL

    Great Gloves

    I ride in FL so there isn't really a need for warm weather gloves. These gloves provide great protection in a fall (granted I was wearing a jacket with CE armor as well). I have laid my bike down twice while wearing these gloves. Both times no damage or abrasions to my hands. I would highly recommend these gloves. They did finally get a hole in the palm after the second lay down. Still wearing them.

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  • Scorpion Cool Hand II Motorcycle Gloves

    Scorpion Cool Hand II Motorcycle Gloves

    Jimmy in Georgia

    Excellent pair of Gloves

    I have wanted these gloves for a while, but kept looking locally. As we all know, gloves can be hit or miss in sizing. I finally gave in and ordered them. Pardon the pun, but they fit like a glove. Very comfortable, and amazing air flow. Great feel, and flexibility! I would definitely recommend them to others in the market for a warm weather glove!

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  • Scorpion EXO-700 Predator Motorcycle Helmet

    Scorpion EXO-700 Predator Motorcycle Helmet

    James in NV

    Great Helemt For Price - Good Venting - Faceshield

    My only complaint is it pushes on your cheeks pretty good, my jaw was sore after an hour right... Maybe I am just fat! Other than that great venting options in the front, top and rear. Some noise but get over it! Earbuds will fit nicely.

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