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  • Alpinestars Bionic Freeride Shorts

    Alpinestars Bionic Freeride Shorts

    RONALD in NY

    Just average fit...

    Fit wasn't what I expected... I'm 6'5" 230lbs though. Definitely will protect you. Seemed hot when riding too.

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  • Alpinestars Comp Pro Padded Shorts

    Alpinestars Comp Pro Padded Shorts

    James in NM

    Great Riding Shorts

    I've been through many pairs of padded riding shorts over the years. All in the $50-60 price range. They have all been adequate and not great. The Comp Pro shorts are great. Lots of all day intense singletrack in mountains or desert and they are the most comfortable shorts I've owned.

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  • Alpinestars Winter Tech Performance Underwear Top

    Alpinestars Winter Tech Performance Underwear Top

    Matt in AZ

    the best

    the right gear for the cold

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  • Alpinestars Tactical BNS Vest

    Alpinestars Tactical BNS Vest

    Matthew in CA

    A-Stars BNS vest

    Its quite comfy and I forget I'm wearing it. Its designed to be fitted with the Bionic neck brace. I certainly like this more than the over the jersey roost guard I used to wear. It feels less cumbersome and moves and flexes as you move since it isn't made of hard plastic. The Bionic would start to lift off the shoulders while wearing the vest, limiting the range of motion of my head while riding, so I did have to get the A-straps to keep the Bionic down on the shoulders. If you get the vest, I recommend you get the A-Straps too.

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  • Alpinestars MX Cooling Vest

    Alpinestars MX Cooling Vest

    Billy in TX

    Stay cool

    Live in Texas and my son wears this while racing. We just throw it in the ice chest between motos and put it on before the gate. He loves it and stays cool. We race in weather that is in the high 90's

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