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  • AGV Sport Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt

    AGV Sport Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt

    Jim in OH

    Good quality but too tight

    I guess the product was OK, but my body is not! Generally I am in decent shape for a 51 year old, but this shirt created rolls and love handles that made me return it promptly. I am 6', 182#, and a large was bikini tight. Not meant for me...I went with Klim stuff. Same price and more generic fit.

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  • AGV Sport Malibu Kevlar® Motorcycle Jeans

    AGV Sport Malibu Kevlar® Motorcycle Jeans

    Tyler in WA

    Pants Had Weird Fit

    I ordered a 36" Waist 34" Length relaxed fit pair of jeans and I found that the thigh area was really tight, which would have been something I could deal with (just gotta lose 10 lbs or so). However my main issue was the area around my calves. This area was basically as large as the thigh area! Not only did this look really, really odd. It also would have been an issue on the highway as the pant legs would have been flapping like crazy. Now obviously one could say that this is meant so that you can slip the jeans over your riding boots. But seriously, a stout pair of full-sized off-road dirt bike boots would have been only half big enough to fit this area. I'm 6' 2" @ 220lbs with a size 14 boot, so I don't think it's my size (or lack thereof) that's the issue here. Otherwise the jeans appeared to be thick and strong.. I would have liked to see a little more padding in the crucial areas.

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