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  • Eagle Mfg. Prevailing Torque Countershaft Nut

    Eagle Mfg. Prevailing Torque Countershaft Nut

    Arlette in CA

    A cheap, obvious, time-saving upgrade

    Ten bucks and the cost of a cheap 30mm impact socket to never, ever have to deal with the stock fold-over lock washer again? SOLD. That thing was a pain even with the bike way up in the air on a moto shop lift and was about as substantial as a fart in the breeze. This replacement is better in every way. Even if you don't swap sprockets between highway and trails, it'll make your eventual chain-and-sprocket replacements that much easier. Plus, if your friends help you out with a sprocket change, you'll spend all weekend calling each other "prevailing torque nut" every chance you get because it sounds weirdly hilarious.

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