Eagle Mfg. ATV Parts: Suspension

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  • Eagle Mfg. KLR650 Rear Shock Lowering Links

    Eagle Mfg. KLR650 Rear Shock Lowering Links

    Brandon in AL

    Easy install

    I ordered these before I purchased my bike because I was worried that my 30 inch legs would have a hard time with a 35 inch seat height. I was right and had to install these shortly after getting the bike home. Motorcycle jack came in handy to remove the weight from the rear wheel. Once I had the bike up, I hit the two nuts with a 22mm impact socket while holding the other side with a 17mm wrench. The old ones pulled right off. Used a block of wood to raise the rear wheel until I could get the left side link on. Replaced right side and torqued the nuts to 72ft lbs. Very simple install and really helped me with holding the bike upright. I still cannot flatfoot it while stopped but I can touch with both feet now.

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  • Eagle Mfg. Fork Brace

    Eagle Mfg. Fork Brace

    Johnny in ID

    Must have for KLR650

    This is a must have for a KLR. It greatly reduced sway at high speeds and stabilized riding on tarmac, even over tar snakes. Off road it stabilized my KLR.

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