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  • ATV TEK Pro Series Bandana Dust Mask

    ATV TEK Pro Series Bandana Dust Mask

    Logan in California

    Don't waste your money

    Don't waste your money on this mask unless you like a poorly constructed product that doesn't perform as advertised. Seriously, this product appears to have been sewn together by a Chimp or child with absolutely no skills. Where is the quality control? Another reason you might like this product, if you are one of the afore mentioned who like poorly made products, is the smell. Do you like the smell of chemicals, children? Wear this mask for five minutes and you will taste neoprene the rest of the day. The smell of this mask will taint the taste of all you eat or drink hours afterwards. Save your money and buy something else.

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  • ATV TEK Pro Series Rider Dust Mask

    ATV TEK Pro Series Rider Dust Mask

    Robert in Idaho

    Excellent mask! Works just as advertised.

    When riding with a big group, if you're not if the front on a dusty trail, you eat everyone else's dust all day. When I found this mask I was a little skeptical that it would work but it really does! It's comfortable to wear all day too. The nose piece conforms perfectly to your nose and the valves keep the heat and moisture out. Most importantly, it keeps the dust out. That makes for a comfortable face all day long. Highly recommend it! Now I just need to find goggles that don't collect dust...

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