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  • Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial ATV Tire

    Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial ATV Tire

    Craig in Idaho

    Tough Tire

    I use these tires on my atv and my Rhino for trail riding and hunting in the rugged and rocky Idaho mountains. They are the toughest most durable tire I have ever tried. They are a bit heavier than most but well worth it for the added stability and toughness (both face and sidewall). I've never had a flat yet and plowed through miles of brush, rocks, sticks and mud. I don't ride pavement much so tire wear has not been a problem.

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  • Sedona Buzz Saw R/T Radial ATV Tire

    Sedona Buzz Saw R/T Radial ATV Tire

    Sean in PA

    nice replacement for REAR on renegade 800

    I wanted more hook up out of the corners, the oem holeshot atr, just spun. So far they seem to be better. They still allow me to slide it through the speed corners and hook up the best in softer stuff. They still seem to break loose on hard packed trails and frozen ground, but so did the holeshots. With chevron tread pattern I can not see these on the front. I bet when the summer comes and everything thaws, they should hook up fine...maybe an update later

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