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  • Sedona Cyclone Rear Sand Tire

    Sedona Cyclone Rear Sand Tire

    Allyssa in OR

    Good tires for reasonable price.

    Purchased over a year ago an tires have held up well after plenty of use. Great traction in the sand and good tread life for a reasonable price.

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  • Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire

    Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire

    Robert in NM

    Love my ripsaw’s on my ranger! Great for farm work and on trails! Can’t really give a review in tread life due to be new tires!

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  • Sedona Cyclone Front Sand Tire

    Sedona Cyclone Front Sand Tire

    stephen in Oregon

    Great buy

    Nice tires look like they will work very well

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  • Sedona V-Bar Tire Chains

    Sedona V-Bar Tire Chains

    josh in OH

    Rip around on those icy terrains

    Owned same pair 3 years ago Finally wore out rebought these are a must in winter time riding hook up great . Would recommend to everyone . I wish they came in 2 link not 4 link but still a great buy

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  • Sedona Coyote Tire

    Sedona Coyote Tire

    Joey in NM

    Good looking Tire

    Nice tread design needs more aggressive sidewall design

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  • Sedona Rock-A-Billy Radial Tire

    Sedona Rock-A-Billy Radial Tire

    Samuel in TX

    Perfect ATV ranch tire

    I have +6 months on my set. I needed a heavy duty tire for my polaris sportsman, wanted the extra ply and tread design of utv tire, run +/- 5 psi with no bulge. Use my atv on a South Texas ranch with a lot of mesquite thorns, no flats, no thorns sticking out of the tires. Plus it's a W.P.S. product.

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