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  • Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle Bags

    Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle Bags

    M.Pat in NM

    Great bags, slightly dated design

    I've used Wolfman Expedition bags through 55 countries, 4 BDRs, 2 CDTs and I've had no leaks and no damage to the bags or anything in them. Yes, I have had few unscheduled get-offs. I recommend their organizer bags or else packing cubes. I use mine frequently with RotoPax canisters underneath for longer range. Their RotoPax extender straps make that easy and practical. I have melted several, easily replaceable, buckles by letting them touch the exhaust, mea culpa. I usually combine these with a 30-liter duffle strapped across the back of the seat and a small pelican tail case. I also use their fuel bottle holsters for fuel or water. I have an old wolfman rack on one bike and a Vanasche on the other. Both fit perfectly. OK, nothing is perfect here are my little negatives: First, I wish there was a version of these with just a bit more capacity perhaps (~22 liters) each. They could carry a bit lower than they do. I've never scraped one yet. The straps could be kevlar and the buckles metal (a la NRS) to stop the heat damage. Nowadays I ride a dual sport and I need my seat back. I'd like to put all of my cargo in panniers and leave the deck clear for sportier riding.

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  • Wolfman Enduro Pocket

    Wolfman Enduro Pocket

    Jim in NC

    Have 2, Just bought a third

    Fits nicely on tank on different bikes. Great place to keep cell phone and wallet and have right where you need. Can access without having to get off bike which is the best feature.

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  • Wolfman Wolfy Tool Roll

    Wolfman Wolfy Tool Roll

    william in WA

    Nice tool roll.

    Looks well made and all my xr650 tools fit great. I like that its made in the USA also, at least that is what it says.

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  • Wolfman Peak Tail Bag

    Wolfman Peak Tail Bag

    John in CA

    Wolfman tail bag

    Wolfman makes good stuff,a little pricey,but you get what you pay for.That said,I wish this bag was water proof.It would make it a lot easier to keep clean,like my Wolfman Expedition saddle bags.Those,I can just hose off,and dry,and they look like new.

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  • Wolfman Wolf Bottle Holster

    Wolfman Wolf Bottle Holster

    Rick in OR

    Great product!

    Great product, very well made. Holds my water bottle perfectly

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  • Wolfman EX-T Stuff Sacks

    Wolfman EX-T Stuff Sacks

    Earl in UT

    Great Sacks to Organize Storage

    Great sack and I like the black and yellow color options

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