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  • RZ Mask Breathe Safe Facemask

    RZ Mask Breathe Safe Facemask

    Joshua in CO

    Dust mask

    Very good product my wife loves it alot better than eating dust allday.

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  • RZ Mask M2 Mesh Facemask

    RZ Mask M2 Mesh Facemask

    Allen in AZ

    Less dust in the lungs, more in the eyes

    The RZ Mask is probably worth trying if you frequently ride in dusty conditions. You have to decide if the drawbacks are worth keeping your lungs cleaner. The mask is warmer than having no mask. I tried it for the first time in 85-90 degree weather and it was tolerable until I started breathing hard in demanding terrain. It is also slightly restrictive to breathe through, but it is not too bad considering the level of filtration. The real downsides for me were how it affected the fit of other gear and the increased effort to stay hydrated. Between the filter, the material and the metal nose piece, the nose area gets rather large and doesn't allow my goggles to seal. That allowed more dust and wind into my eyes. It took several days for my eyes to recover after testing the mask. The thickness also caused the mask to be pulled down by my KLIM F4 helmet cheek pads, so some adjustment was needed each time I put the helmet on over the mask. Something about the position, size, shape, tension or some combination related to the neck strap behind the helmet also creates some restriction to looking up. Lastly, staying hydrated is a bit more work. The mask and helmet setup is too tight to fit a drink hose. Putting a drink hose in would disrupt the seal required for filtration anyway. When I wanted a drink from my hydration system I had to stop, take my helmet off and then take off the mask first. That's not really ideal for the type of riding I do.

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  • RZ Mask Breathe Safe Facemask F1 Replacement Filters 3 Pack

    RZ Mask Breathe Safe Facemask F1 Replacement Filters 3 Pack

    Anthony in CT

    Thumbs up

    wow RMATV ships way to fast ordered these and just a few days later they showed up. product works good in dust conditions this is a must for every rider thats not leading the pack

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