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  • Mylers Fuel Jug Quick-Fill KTM Adapter

    Mylers Fuel Jug Quick-Fill KTM Adapter

    Seth in PA

    Does its job, kind of.

    Allows you to fill your KTM, but you have to watch because it doesn't seal well on the tank. I only put a gallon or so of fuel in the jug, and make sure the bike will take it all when I stop for fuel. If your not cautious or overfill your tank, expect it to spray gas everywhere.

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  • Mylers Miracle Flush Radiator Cleaner

    Mylers Miracle Flush Radiator Cleaner

    Brian in CA

    hard to tell

    Being a radiator flush, can't really tell if it got rid of deposits or not. I'll assume it did. The reason for the average rating is that it does not mention in the directions that this product will foam up and out of the radiator when it starts to react with the deposits. I would buy it again. But next time I would not make the mess by just putting it in and immediately putting the radiator cap on and let it sit.

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  • Mylers Fuel Jug Quick-Fill

    Mylers Fuel Jug Quick-Fill

    BRUCE in MA

    Excellent Quick fill

    Excellent high Quality Quick fill. The fill tube is long enough so there is no interference with bars and it fills the tank in seconds. If you have a KTM don't forget to ask about the KTM ADAPTER. made from the same high quality material that the quick fill is made from and it fits snugly onto the quick fill so it will not fall off. I recommend this product

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