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  • 100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Replacement Lens

    100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Replacement Lens

    JOHN in TX

    Love this product

    I bought this for my trip to Colorado to provide some glare protection and not only do they do that, but they don't shade your view from behind the goggles. I'm already planning on a 2nd and 3rd lenses purchase so all my goggles have these lenses.

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  • 100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Goggle Tear-Offs

    100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Goggle Tear-Offs

    craig in TAS

    100% works

    They do what there meant to do

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  • 100% Accuri Goggle

    100% Accuri Goggle

    craig in TAS

    100% works

    all good

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  • 100% Strata Goggle

    100% Strata Goggle

    alex in TN

    Excellent goggle

    I've had oakley, Scott, Spy, and Fox goggles before and these are the best that I've owned yet. They're the most comfortable and definitely the most reasonably priced for the quality. I love that all the goggles that 100% produces take the same lens and tear offs as well. I have thrown away ALL of my other goggles and only buy 100% ones now. They are also some of the best functioning goggles I've owned. I ride in A LOT of diverse conditions and they have never let me down in any way. Side note: the tinted lenses work GREAT in bright sunny conditions at the moto track (as long as there are no shadows but you'll have that with any lens that isn't polarized) and on the pavement as I do a lot of dual sporting as well.

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  • 100% Racecraft Goggle

    100% Racecraft Goggle

    William in ID


    Absolutely the best goggles ever!!!!!!! The field of view out of these is unbeatable. I will never buy another brand goggle

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  • 100% Accuri Sand Goggle

    100% Accuri Sand Goggle

    Sam in CO

    The price is right, but the quality isn't

    I cannot, for the life of me, get these things to stop fogging up. After constantly battling the fog, I purchased some anti-fog spray. I have used it enough that I'm fairly certain the fumes coming off the lense have made my eyeballs anti-fog, but these things STILL fog up!

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