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  • 100% Strata Goggle

    100% Strata Goggle

    Ryan in IL

    100% Gear with 100% Satisfaction! Will always ride 100%!

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  • 100% Hi-Side Moto Socks

    100% Hi-Side Moto Socks

    Ryan in IL

    Awesome socks! Why not match my goggles with socks!? They aren't super thick and not super thin! I've been trying to find socks like these! I noticed a huge difference!

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  • 100% Racecraft Goggle

    100% Racecraft Goggle

    Andrew in GA

    Great fit, horrible fogging.

    Great fit, lenses seem sturdy enough, but NOT for hot humid climates. Was using Oakley goggles (since discontinued) and these things fog almost immediately. Paid way too much for such an inferior product. Will not buy again.

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  • 100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Replacement Lens

    100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Replacement Lens

    Ethan in MO

    Once you try 100% you'll stay 100%

    It's just too easy. Buy, snap out old, snap in new, go ride. I recommend using at least one tearoff just to prolong the life a little. I usually have a couple, keeps me from having to pull over to wipe my lense plus keeps tree branches from scratching the lense. Mostly bought an additional lense just to have a different tint. Woods/trail riding go for blue (not the mirror finish).

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  • 100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Goggle Tear-Offs

    100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Goggle Tear-Offs

    Ethan in MO

    love these things

    Everyone asks how i have so many tear offs and how can i see? Laminated Bro! Another cool trick: Clean lens, then peal off the back tear off, stick the stack to your lens and you've not got a dust/water Resistant tear off stack. Just enough static and sticky stuff to keep wet branches from slapping water between the back tearoff and your lens!! tried and true. Same for the dust. No more pealing them off after a dust race to clean between the stack and lens.

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  • 100% Racecraft Plus Goggle

    100% Racecraft Plus Goggle

    SCOTT in CA

    100% Goggle

    With the strap extended out all the way they were really tight against my face. Like to the point I had to move them around to aid in breathing. I loved the lens and I do have a XLRG head so maybe that was the challenge. I expected a wider range of view as the matter of fact I ordered Oakley s now to replace after one ride with these.

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