Enduro Engineering Dirt Bike Parts: Cooling Systems

Enduro Engineering Dirt Bike Parts: Cooling Systems

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  • Enduro Engineering Radiator Braces

    Enduro Engineering Radiator Braces

    Jeff in NY

    Limited protection

    Put these new on a 2015 yz250fx and first time smokin a tree they did not do the job. Pretty much these braces will only protect the radiator if the bike falls over and hits the side of the radiator. No front protection and no protection stopping the radiator from turning back. Also, they are not made of cast aluminum - they are made of formed aluminum - thus they bend easily. One redeeming item is that you can bend them back together, but did not come close to saving a radiator from our trail ride at Croom. Also, they make the bike at least 1/2 inch wider per side. Installation is a pain too as you have to remove the radiators and hosing to install them. Also, on the FX the wire and cable routing is a problem, it pinches down on the clutch cable and this is just going to be a wear problem. Going need to find a better, stronger design (maybe someone else will make some for the FX).

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  • Enduro Engineering Radiator Braces (Fits with Fans)

    Enduro Engineering Radiator Braces (Fits with Fans)

    Jake in ID

    Great protection for a cheap price

    My biggest pet peeve is looking down at a bent radiator... I have had these on for a year now and while I don't let my bike roll down mountains on crazy trail rides, I have had some occasional tip overs and a nasty crash at the track that sent my bike tumbling. The braces did their job and my radiators are straight. They add a small amount of width to the bike (not notable while riding) but it makes getting the shroud bolts in a tough job on the ktm. With someone to help they go in fine.

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