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  • Enduro Engineering Radiator Braces (Fits with Fans)

    Enduro Engineering Radiator Braces (Fits with Fans)

    WALTER in ID

    Read the fine print. Only KTM Fans Fit.

    Typical EE product. Well thought out and easy to install. But... It only works with the KTM fan kit. I just saw "Works with fans" and charged ahead only to realize that it does not work with Trail Tech fans that have a digital read-out. I had to modify the crap out of the right outer brace, but I made it work with only 3 tie-in points vs. 4. I will report back on the durability of the modified side.

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  • Enduro Engineering Radiator Braces

    Enduro Engineering Radiator Braces

    Matthew in IN

    Keep shopping

    I've now had these braces on my YZ250 for 1 year. They've completed one season with 250 hours of woods riding. While installing these on my bike, they hit my coil so I had to bend the coil mounting bracket to fit. They also make the bike a bit wider (like a Honda, which I like). The radiator shrouds will no longer be able to bolt on. You can use zip-ties or get your knife out to modify your shrouds to regain a bolted interface. These braces protected my entire years riding, granted I didn't take too many hard falls. However, near the end of the season while I was training in the woods, I dropped the bike under its own weight on a log and these braces did almost nothing. The log was parallel to the bike so most of the energy went to the center of the radiator, which then revealed the poor design of the braces. The side of the brace is just a 4mm thick sheet of ordinary 6061 aluminum. The cross braces help very little when a hit is taken in the middle of the braces. If Enduro Engineering had added a simple 90 deg bend to this piece of metal, it would have been much stronger. I would not recommended these.

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  • Enduro Engineering Radiator Guards

    Enduro Engineering Radiator Guards

    ROBERT in AL

    Great fit,easy install

    I have their braces which are great but have been worried about sticks hitting plastic guards.I saw these did not have to take apart radiators to install and they look plus feel tough,great fit.

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