Enduro Engineering Dual Sport Parts: Body

Enduro Engineering Dual Sport Parts: Body

Enduro Engineering Dual Sport Parts: Seats and Covers

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  • Enduro Engineering Seat

    Enduro Engineering Seat

    Joe in OK

    good review from behind

    This is the third Enduro Engineering soft seat I have purchased. They are so much better than stock. When I got this bike and went for a two day ride I came home and ordered this seat.

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  • Enduro Engineering Tall Seat

    Enduro Engineering Tall Seat

    Joshua J. in Maryland

    Great Seat!

    I am exactly 6 Ft. Tall and this seat is amazing. I went with soft as to not make the bike too tall, i was more just getting it just to have something to hold with my knees, the stock seat just wasn't cutting it. I bolted the seat on real quick and immediately was more comfortable while standing, ive only used it once, so i cant speak for durability but honestly the stitching looks fine, i expect it to hold up fine. Some guys on here complained about the seat being slippery, which is somewhat true, but i dont like grippy seats anyway, they pull my pants down. And i race harescrambles so im never sitting down anyway, overall really satisfied. If your on the fence about it just buy it, it really is perfect, if you dont like it then send it back, but i love mine.

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