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  • Atlas Air Neck Brace

    Atlas Air Neck Brace

    Robert in NH

    Comfortable and works with armor

    This fits great with my Fox titan armor. Also fits with me wearing a camelbak and fanny pack for enduro gear. Does not limit my head movement in most cases. Sometimes in really fast sections the back of my head will hit the brace but then I just use my eyes to look further ahead. Thought I would hate it but don't even know it is there. Comfortable on the first ride and like I said works with my current armor. Only thing that prevent it from being 5 stars is the elastic harness that holds it down sometimes rides up.

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  • Atlas Carbon Neck Brace 2014

    Atlas Carbon Neck Brace 2014

    Bryan in OH


    It is comfortable, light weight, and does its job! I can't hardly tell I'm wearing it while riding. Has great support!

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