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  • Atlas Air Neck Brace

    Atlas Air Neck Brace

    robert in NC


    Perfect! Have plates n artificial disc in neck and I'm 50yrs old.. this is a great product! I paid full retail and have no reservations's as good as leatt , it would come down to fitment on your chest protector and personal preference and which one you can get for the best price.

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  • Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace

    Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace

    farnham in CO

    Fit 13 year son old perfect, safety first

    Fit is perfect for my teenage son. I felt the money is well spent in an effort to reduce injury. We have a conversation about making smart choices while riding. Neck guard is a great reminder to kids of the potential dangers riding.

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  • Atlas Carbon Neck Brace

    Atlas Carbon Neck Brace

    kevin in FL

    Great product

    I would recommend this product it. I was surprised how light it was when I first went out riding with it I forgot it was even on. I like the feature where u can set up the height of the neck brace from the shoulder pads. If your looking to protect your neck and have a comfort this is the brace.

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