Cycle Wipes Oil and Chemicals

Cycle Wipes Motorcycle Oil and Chemicals

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  • Cycle Wipes Disposable Visor/Bike Cleaners

    Cycle Wipes Disposable Visor/Bike Cleaners

    Timothy in WI

    Must Have

    If you do any kind of riding you need these wipes and chances are your friends need them also. Bugs and anything you pick up along the way wipe right off. The cloth is the perfect size and texture plus the pack fits easily on the bike or in a jacket pocket. Works great on my visor, windscreen and headlights. One recommendation is to keep a dry cloth with you for final buff on visor or windscreen. If you want to be a hero keep a pack of these with you at all times and as soon a your buddies or other riders you meet at a fuel stop start complaining about the bugs on their them how smart they could be.

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