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  • EPI Primary Clutch Puller

    EPI Primary Clutch Puller

    BRYAN in FL


    works good, pulled clutch off with ease

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  • EPI Severe Duty CVT Drive Belt

    EPI Severe Duty CVT Drive Belt

    Sean in OR

    Okay belt, recommend the Gates C-12 belt instead

    I had 2 of these; the first grenaded and the 2nd glazed after ~200 miles following a "better" break-in process. Sand is hard on belts. Here's what I have learned: Wash your belt with hot, soapy water, rinse, and let dry thoroughly. Blow out the clutch area with air. Clean both clutch sheaves with brake cleaner but keep it off the rollers. Break it in easy for the first tank of fuel. 1 hr at 1/2 throttle or less, then ease up to no more than a few seconds at full throttle if necessary. I have grenaded 3 belts. My dealer told me why: all 3 times were after I had been playing on hillclimbs where it backshifted and slipped a lot. Then I went for top speed runs. Lots of belt heat followed by high RPM = big bang & lots of belt chunks and cords wrapped around everything. I have had better luck with the Gates Carbon-series though.

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