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  • 6D ATR-1 Sonic Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Sonic Helmet

    Jacob in OH

    Very impressed, your head is worth the extra money!

    I had a Bell Moto 9 carbon helmet that got stolen, and this helmet has every feature and then some! It fits great, the paint job is amazing on it, and it’s nice knowing that I have a helmet on my head that was designed in every way to prevent as much head trauma as possible. There is a reason why the MXA test riders wear a ton of 6D helmets. It is better to spend a good chunk of money on a helmet than sacrifice and get a traumatic brain injury or what not.

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  • 6D ATR-2 Metric Helmet

    6D ATR-2 Metric Helmet

    Clayton in WA

    Awesome lid

    After a close family member suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting in permanent impairment (loss of hearing, taste, smell, short-term memory), I realized I should up my helmet game a bit. My previous helmet, was no slouch (Leatt 5.5 V10) and also has the technology to help mitigate TBIs, but after seeing the data on 6D's site, my mind was made up. Their system is far and beyond what other systems offer. Fit: I always wear a large in helmets. I measured my head 100 times, and the recomended size was a medium. I bought a medium and it fits. It is a bit snug, but it should be. I expect after it breaks in it will be perfect. I think a lot of people buy helmets too large because they don't take break-in into account and end up with a less than optimal fit. Measure your dome, and buy the size 6D recommends. I myself was a bit concerned with the fit and had originally pre-ordered from a competitor, but canceled that order and made a new pre-order with RMATV because of the exchange policy. Cons: Compared to the Leatt, which is known for its compact construction) it is pretty large. I know they have made the ATR-2 smaller than the ATR-1, but it's still larger than what I am used to. Probably not as much of a difference compared to Arai, Bell, TLD and Shoei. Someone else had mentioned that their ears get bent in the liner all the time. Mine did too, but I adjusted the comfort liner a bit and it solved the issue. The issue is completely gone of course if I wear a skull cap which I do most of the time. Putting this in the cons side, but it really isn't one. Pros: Build quality on this helmet is phenomenal. I can tell that close attention to detail was paid in the construction of the helmet. Safety, well I haven't tested it yet, and hopefully I never do, but the data speaks for itself. Comes with an awesome helmet bag. Not just a cheap sinch sack like most helmets. This comes with a very nice lined carrying bag. The unboxing experience was quite nice. From taking the helmet out of the bag, to the nicely placed extra visor screws and tool and documentation. Everything screams quality. Overall, great helmet. All things considered, at $700 its a heck of deal.

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  • 6D ATR-1 Patriot Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Patriot Helmet

    Thomas in PA

    Quality helmet

    I love this helmet! I had a head injury, so I wanted the Cadillac of helmets. I dig the style and fit. I got the flat black, patriot. Scratched in the woods a little, from branches.

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  • 6D ATR-2 Circuit Helmet

    6D ATR-2 Circuit Helmet

    Christopher in AB

    Great lid!

    Great helmet. Ventilation is excellent and its very lightweight. Fits well but is tight around my cheeks, I have very wide cheeks so others may not have this issue.

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  • 6D ATR-2 Sector Helmet

    6D ATR-2 Sector Helmet

    Donald in AL

    It should be perfect for the price I paid. It's not.

    The good: It's relatively lightweight and comfortable once it's on. The cheek pads are well designed and fit snug around the jawline but they don't squeeze my cheeks in the way other helmets do. All other high-end helmets I've tried squeeze my cheeks to the point that I can't open and close my mouth without biting the insides of my cheeks. The styling is nice and the finish and graphics seem like great quality. The helmet came with a very nice zippered bag, not the usual drawstring type. The not so good: The helmet folds my ears down every time I put it on and my ears are not large (the helmet fits properly). I've never had this happen with any other helmet. Each time I put it on I have to physically shove my fingers between my face and the helmet to unfold my ears. Also my ears tend to go behind the liner. Very, very annoying for a helmet at this price. The helmet weighs 1650 grams according to my scale. It is only about 75-100 grams lighter than the HJC helmet it replaced. Despite it's flaws it's a fantastic helmet once I get it on properly and it doesn't "feel" heavy when wearing it.

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  • 6D ATR-1 Edge Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Edge Helmet

    DON in ID

    Great fit very light weight. Broke my troy lee design and was pretty bummed out. Decided to go with 6D and couldn't be happier

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