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  • EVS Sweat Beanie

    EVS Sweat Beanie

    CHRIS in CA

    I got it to improve fit on one of my helmets. I am a size large and this beanie is a tiny bit big for me. This is great on a really cold day. Too warm for regular use for me

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  • EVS WB01 Wrist Brace

    EVS WB01 Wrist Brace

    Michael in FL

    Good for corrective positioning, not in event of cr...

    Good purchase if you need something to keep your wrist in a better position while riding long motos or HS/enduro. Not meant to prevent injury in event you case a jump or get in a bad crash. Has helped for when I’m on the bike and not letting wrist settle in bad position and iritate it.

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  • EVS Tug Sleeveless Shirt

    EVS Tug Sleeveless Shirt

    Reannon in MO


    Perfect fit, good ventilation. Excellent for our hot summers.

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  • EVS RS9 Pro Knee Brace Left

    EVS RS9 Pro Knee Brace Left

    Mike in ID

    Poor design

    Poor buckle design. They were broke right out of the box never had a chance to use them. Would not think they would hold up to use if they can’t make it through shipping.

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  • EVS SB05 Shoulder Brace

    EVS SB05 Shoulder Brace

    Darien in ON

    Great product

    Does what it's supposed to, hold shoulders in place. Wear it over a fitted shirt or it will irritate/scratch skin a little bit. Awkward to put on but once adjusted and on you barely feel it. Great product in the end

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  • EVS SX02 Knee Brace

    EVS SX02 Knee Brace

    Andrew in Lusaka

    Really Good

    Good product without the price tag of a carbon fibre one. Very comfortable!

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