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  • EVS F1 Roost Deflector

    EVS F1 Roost Deflector

    Greg in Utah

    Good fit and comfortable, poor quality!

    Bought one last year for my son in pinch before race. Didn't have it long beforone of the rivets that holds the padding to the chest plate broke off. Fixed it with a screw and fender washer thinking it was just a fluke. Since then 3 more have broke, all on the chest plate. On the shoulder the glued padding has peeled back a couple of inches. All of this in about 6 months and he never hit the ground with it. I will never buy another EVS product again!

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  • EVS Knee Brace Bag

    EVS Knee Brace Bag

    Cary in CA

    Knee Brace Bag

    Bought a set Of EVS R8 Knee braces and Purchased this knee brace case to Keep them in. Ideal Case to Keep the braces clean and dry and to protect them from damage. The only way to go when you make an investment.

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  • EVS Knee Brace Undersleeve

    EVS Knee Brace Undersleeve

    dustin in MO

    Wishful thinking.

    Didnt do much for me, uncomfortable, and always sliding down. Only wore them once.

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  • EVS Option Elbow Guards

    EVS Option Elbow Guards

    Joel in CO

    Seemed like a good product.

    I never I actually used these as I returned them and purchased a Thor full upper body protection unit. Yet just trying them on they felt like they would do their job. I have the EVS knee and shin guards and they have been a good and durable product.

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  • EVS Glider Lite Knee Pads

    EVS Glider Lite Knee Pads

    Richard in NC

    EVS Glider Knee Pads.

    In fairness, the product works well. Here are my issues. They run small. Even my 14 year old son commented on that. Secondly, the strap broke prematurely rendering one pad useless. Disappointed. I own 4 pairs of these.

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  • EVS Option Knee/Shin Guards

    EVS Option Knee/Shin Guards

    Ryan in CO

    good feel

    Good feel, they did stick out a little on the knee because there's no strap up top, but no digging or pinching, after 5 min I didn't even geek them there anymore

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