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  • EVS R4 Pro Race Collar

    EVS R4 Pro Race Collar

    joe in WA

    love it!

    fits nicely, made very well!

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  • EVS SC06 Knee/Shin Guards

    EVS SC06 Knee/Shin Guards

    Alex in MN

    Nice Protection

    What I had before these was a lot less coverage, so of course they felt a little bulky at first. After a while tho I got used to them and I like them a lot. They work well with the EVS Fusion socks.

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  • EVS Youth Comp Suit

    EVS Youth Comp Suit

    Russell in CO

    Good fit, great protection, good price.

    My son originally tried on the Fox version of this, which I went to purchase until I saw this EVS suit for $20 less. The functionality is about the same as the Fox, though this one does not have a kidney belt. The fit is also about the same, I bought a Medium for my son who is 54", and the fit seems spot on. He could fill it out a little bit still, he's on the skinnier side, but it's by no means baggy. If anything I was expecting it to be bigger on him and it wasn't. The EVS has a side zip, they do this so the breast plate is solid and not a zip like Fox, which I view as a plus, and was concerned with my son being able to side zip himself. It was remarkably easy for him, but I'll wait to see in time if it becomes problematic. He took a fall recently with the jacket on and no issues, no tears, cracks, did it's job and is good for more riding.

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  • EVS Glider Lite Knee Pads

    EVS Glider Lite Knee Pads

    David M in VA

    EVS Glider Lite Knee Pads

    They are comfortable and work well for me

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  • EVS Under Gear Youth Compression Shorts

    EVS Under Gear Youth Compression Shorts

    Cary in IN

    Great Fit!!

    Son wore these why racing quad, he really liked the way they felt & the comfort from the pad in seat area.

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  • EVS R4 Youth Neck Support

    EVS R4 Youth Neck Support

    Yancy in NM

    Adjustment screw broke while adjusting

    I went to adjust it for my daughters size and it broke at the adjustment spot. It was the metal screw head that sheered off. I considered just going to the store and getting a different one but it was the principle. Rocky mountain did me right and gave me a refund. I will be ordering another one. I don't think it will affect the integrity of the unit. I would not buy another if I thought the safety would be compromised.

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