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  • EVS RS9 Pro Knee Brace Left

    EVS RS9 Pro Knee Brace Left

    arlen in California

    evs rs9 pro knee brace

    I am very happy with these knee braces,I bought both left and right braces,they were very comfortable and did not bunch up,i also bought the the arc knee brace socks i highly suggest these socks,they made the braces very comfortable.

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  • EVS Sweat Beanie

    EVS Sweat Beanie

    Alexander in NS

    This does exactly what its meant to.

    I needed something for warm weather to keep sweat and hair out of my face, cheap and effective option.

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  • EVS WEB PRO Knee Brace Right

    EVS WEB PRO Knee Brace Right

    Kenneth in CA

    EVS WEB Pro Right Knee Brace

    I bought one for my left knee after it was injured during a race. I liked it so mutch, I bought one for my right knee!

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  • EVS WEB PRO Knee Brace Left

    EVS WEB PRO Knee Brace Left

    Kenneth in CA

    EVS Web Pro Knee Brace

    Don't wait until you injur your knee. These things are awesome, they stay in place, there tough, and you don't even know you are wearing them. Well worth the money!

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  • EVS Axis Sport Knee Brace Pair

    EVS Axis Sport Knee Brace Pair

    Andrew in FL

    Dont Buy. Disposable

    This is my 3rd pair of EVS knee braces and the first pair of the Axis sport. All of my other braces lasted several years and kept me healthy through many motos. I rode all weekend with these braces and I was very pleased with the fit and comfort. I never noticed them while riding and that's how i like it. These are very comfortable and work well but they dont hold up. The liner began falling apart very quickly and the velcro on the straps wears out and your unable to buy replacements because they are always out of stock. I have called EVS and their customer support is awful. They dont stand behind their product. Buy some braces from a different company with reliable product support. This is my 3rd pair of braces over the last 10 years from evs and the axis have gone to crap very quickly.

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  • EVS SB05 Shoulder Brace

    EVS SB05 Shoulder Brace

    Mark in CA

    Works as intended

    After dislocating my right shoulder and having pain in my left I began wearing this each ride. It does a decent job of reinforcing your shoulder socket and preventing injury. One downside is that is it a bit hot to wear as I have found I must wear a shirt under it to avoid getting skin breakout from the material, but you forget you are wearing it once on the bike.

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