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  • EVS Tug Sleeveless Shirt

    EVS Tug Sleeveless Shirt

    Reannon in MO


    Perfect fit, good ventilation. Excellent for our hot summers.

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  • EVS Tug Impact Riding Shorts

    EVS Tug Impact Riding Shorts

    Adam in ON

    Good option for commuting

    I have 2 pairs of the EVS Tug shorts with the hard plastic bits and love them. However I wanted something that would be a little better for commuting and also that would fit under my work pants more comfortably. These shorts fit the bill. Don't get me wrong, I don't think they offer the same protection as the ones with the hard bits but they're better than my regular tighty-whiteys. They are fit well and breath well, no swampy feeling.

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  • EVS Tug CTR Cooling Vest

    EVS Tug CTR Cooling Vest

    Allen in OK

    Made me hotter

    Maybe its just me but it made me hotter, was not comfortable.

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  • EVS Tug Riding Pants

    EVS Tug Riding Pants

    Bryan in NC

    Rub free on the knee

    These are great if you have issues with knee rub from guards or braces. A little hard to put on especially if you are sweaty. I have to fold the waist strap down because it goes up past my belly button otherwise.

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  • EVS CTR Cooling Vest

    EVS CTR Cooling Vest



    Best thing to have on a hot day!! Just get it wet with cold water and it keeps you cool all day!!

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  • EVS G6 Hydration System

    EVS G6 Hydration System

    Paul in NH

    Fits right in my old backpack

    Fits right in my old backpack. Buying this helped me to focus on spending money on other things.

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