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  • KFI Winch Cable Rubber Stop

    KFI Winch Cable Rubber Stop

    Tim in Ohio

    KFI Winch Cable Stop

    I recently purchased this item for my Superwinch LT2500. I had one heck of a time pulling the cable loop through the slot in the stop, despite using WD40 as a lubricant, as suggested. I had to remove my cable eyelet in order to compress the cable loop before it would pull through the stop, then reinstall the eyelet. Once on, the stop slides on the cable down to the hook. While it does work, I think this was manufactured for thicker cables such as those found on vehicle winches. I would recommend purchasing the Tusk cable stop bumper for ATV winches.

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  • KFI 2" Receiver Hitch

    KFI 2" Receiver Hitch

    Dustin in TX

    new receiver

    Bought this product because i bent the stock "tow eyes". Easy install bolts right on the frame and above the stock reciever hitch. The only inconvenience is that it sticks out past the plastics of the bed. Other than that love it.

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