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  • Husqvarna CNC Brake/Clutch Perch Clamp

    Husqvarna CNC Brake/Clutch Perch Clamp

    Sean in CA

    Blue anodized clutch perch

    I bought this for my son’s Husqvarna TC 85 fit in finish is perfect.

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  • Husqvarna Flex Clutch Lever

    Husqvarna Flex Clutch Lever

    GREG in CA

    TE 300 lever

    Looks great and fits perfectly. Feels very good in my hand .

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  • Husqvarna Rear Brake Reservoir Cap

    Husqvarna Rear Brake Reservoir Cap

    Terry in CA

    Pure Off road bling

    Bought for pure bling factor. Looks and fits great a bit more expensive being the Husqvarna brand. Does catch people’s eye when peacocking the ride ! 2016 FE350s Husqvarna

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  • Husqvarna ABS Dongle

    Husqvarna ABS Dongle

    Michael in NM

    ABS dongle for Husqvarna 701

    Excellent product and easy to install. Great for guys like me who keep forgetting to turn the ABS off before going off rode. The standard setting with the ABS off in the rear and on for the front tire works great. Price is a little high but if it saves one crash it is worth the money.

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  • Husqvarna Forged Brake Lever

    Husqvarna Forged Brake Lever

    Clayton in MN

    Like stock but blue

    Just a little flair for your levers, looks and performs like stock. Very nice that the adjuster comes with it, unlike the matching clutch lever.

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  • Husqvarna Forged Clutch Lever

    Husqvarna Forged Clutch Lever

    Clayton in MN

    Looks Good, Wheres the screw?

    Nice Looking Lever.. works likes stock. But 25 bucks and you have to take the adjuster off your other lever? Should be included like the matching brake.

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