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  • Factory Effex Temperature Stickers

    Factory Effex Temperature Stickers

    Lukas in CA

    Temp Sticker

    I put this sticker on my cylinder head and often take a look to see where it's at if it's overheating so that's good.

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  • Factory Effex Standard Numbers

    Factory Effex Standard Numbers

    Will in AL

    Fantastic Placeholder

    I bought these to throw on my bike while I save up to buy a full graphics kit. For the price, they cannot be beaten. Just don't spray your pressure washer right at them and they'll last for a while! I have used these on my bikes in the past, and hold up remarkably well! I will definitely buy again when the time comes.

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  • Factory Effex Die-Cut Sticker KTM

    Factory Effex Die-Cut Sticker KTM

    Wil in WA

    Okay for looks

    Ok for looks but not durable to last on a bike.

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  • Factory Effex Honda Backpack

    Factory Effex Honda Backpack

    Eric in TX


    I didn't get a chance to use the backpack, since it came with a kinked and broken zipper. my first impressions was that the overall quality of the backpack isn't heavy duty. It's a very light duty pack with light duty zippers. I have no complaints, because I was able to return it once I documented the defect to customer service. I ended up ordering a slightly more expensive, Alpinestars city pack, which I was very happy with.

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  • Factory Effex Camping Chair

    Factory Effex Camping Chair

    Brian in OH

    cool chair

    I received this as a Christmas gift. I like it. The Suzuki logo looks cool in the pits. It's average quality just like the ones you would buy at a department store.

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  • Factory Effex Micro Sponsor Sticker Kit

    Factory Effex Micro Sponsor Sticker Kit

    Jaime in CA

    Very small decals

    They are great quality but thought the sticker logos were going to be bigger, they are pretty small but still looks good

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