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  • TravelChair Ultra-Light Joey Chair

    TravelChair Ultra-Light Joey Chair

    justin in Utah

    Adventure Must Have item

    I have been adventure riding for 5 years now. I have learned a lot about packing - carrying the essentials and trying to stay light. There are several things I used to pack because they seemed like a good idea, but over time I realized they were unnecessary. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I thought some things were dumb and unnecessary - like a camp chair. I have since learned better. At first I did not pack a chain and tried to sit on an uncomfortable pannier around the camp fire. After riding all day, that is a crappy way to rest and unwind! So then I bought a light/cheap camp stool. It was a great improvement over the pannier, but wasn't all that relaxing. A friend of mine bought a Helinox brand chair. It is light and super comfy, but spendy. I found that other adventure riders were using the same Helinox or the joey. The joey is about $30 cheaper and looks the exact same so I bought it. I love it! This chair is very light, sets up quickly, and allows you to actually rest and relax! This is a must for adventure riding. It is worth packing the 2 lbs for the comfort you get at camp. It is built well and packs fairly small. Highly recommended.

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