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  • LS2 Valiant Modular Helmet

    LS2 Valiant Modular Helmet

    Rich in CA

    Nice helmet

    This helmet is very well designed, The fit is very good. I replaced my Shark and found the fit and operation of the chin guard and shield is superior to the Shark. I weighed both helmets and while the weight was very close the LS2 feels lighter when worn. I wore an XL Shark and the same with the !S2. The LS2 is more comfortable. The only thing that keeps this from being a 5 star is noise, like most modulars it is not quiet especially when the top vent is open. I feel the helmet has a more attractive shape than the Shark.

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  • LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet

    LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet

    eric in MT

    Love it compared to non modular. Kinda heavy and low on ventilation. But considering the price it is fine. Good value. The ratchet mech is smooth but not for long. Have to be forceful and hear a bit of grinding to move it, but still works after 1000 miles off road.

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  • LS2 Stream Motorcycle Helmet

    LS2 Stream Motorcycle Helmet

    Brian in IA

    Can a great helmet be an affordable helmet?

    My head measured 24 1/8 inches, or 61.3 cm. Which according to Rocky Mountain ATV and LS2 Helmets, put me directly in the middle of extra large. I am happy to say that I agree with this sizing. The helmet fit snug, but not overly tight in any way. I agree that it is a moderate to long oval shape. It fit well front to back and side to side. I could not get it to lift or rotate significantly in any direction. The cheek pads are slightly big, but are so soft that it's a very mild inconvenience. I wore the helmet in the house for about 20 minutes with no discomfort. I also removed the interior and visor, then put it all back in. It took a few minutes of very patient work to figure each piece of it out, but it seems simple enough now. Also, I wear prescription glasses, and they fit inside the helmet and sun shield quite nicely. I felt no unusual pressure or clearance issues. The next morning I took a ride. I left an hour after dawn and rode directly East in order to test the sun shield in direct sunlight. It works good enough that I no longer had to squint in order to see, but the sun shield isn't as big as the main visor. There is a gap of full brightness under the sun shield I found annoying. This is my first helmet with a sun shield built in, so I don't know if this is common or not. I rode 300 miles over a nine hour period, in which the temperature eventually reached about 89 Fahrenheit, or 32 Celsius. The helmet seemed decent in the hot weather. No better or worse than other helmets I've worn. I didn't feel any difference between having the vents opened or closed, but I've never felt a difference with other helmets either. For what this helmet costs, I think it is an exceptional helmet, am pleased with my purchase and would not hesitate to recommend it.

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  • LS2 Citation Razor Helmet

    LS2 Citation Razor Helmet

    Phil in TN

    Excellent Extra-Long Oval fit, good quality

    Fitment: Over the years I've had a very difficult time finding a helmet that fits my Extra-Long Oval head shape. I've tried on an Aria (Claimed to be for X-Long Oval) that wasn't a good fit, still left a red spot on my forehead in the short time that I had it on. My last helmet was a Icon Airmada which fit fairly good but still wasn't ideal. The LS2 Vector is simply a better fit for my Extra-Long Oval head shape. It hugs my cheeks pretty tight which is fine for me but that could be a con if you don't like that type fitment. Pros: The padding is thick and comfy. Most helmets in XXL and XXXL size simply utilize thinner padding to make a "M" or smallish "L" shell fit a XXL noggin. The LS2's shell is actually big enough that the inner padding is still thick and plush in my XXL helmet. The leather-like neck roll and chin curtain add to the quality look and feel of the helmet. Overall it has the fit and finish of much pricier helmets. The ratchet strap closure is easy and simple, I like it, some won't. Quiet Cons: The inner shield needs to come lower. It's not an issue until you look down at your gauges or mirrors. Airflow could be better but the helmet is the quietest I've ever owned. I think the two are directly related.

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  • LS2 Metro Modular Motorcycle Helmet

    LS2 Metro Modular Motorcycle Helmet

    Eric in UT

    Great modular helmet, and would definitely recommend

    Great helmet! Great ventilation with easy operation to close and open vents. Sunshade is very nice, and is not too dark to obscure vision at all.

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