FMF Dual Sport Accessories: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

FMF Dual Sport Accessories: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

FMF Dual Sport Accessories: Carburetor Jets

FMF Dual Sport Accessories: Intake

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  • FMF EFI Power Programmer Kit

    FMF EFI Power Programmer Kit

    Mark in WA

    Nice compact unit

    Had it professionally installed, but looked pretty easy to do. No computers needed, just plug and play.

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    Lorin in BC

    Pleasantly surprised.

    I had my doubts about FMF's claims on the Snap, those doubts quickly faded when I rode my bike for the first time after installing it. It improved my throttle response and my mid range power. I feel that it made as much of a difference as installing my FMF megabomb and 4.1 exhaust. You can't afford not to buy this.

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  • FMF Jet Kit (No CA)

    FMF Jet Kit (No CA)

    lukas in MD

    FMF jet kit

    I used stage 1 jet kit with my new exhaust and is way better, works great, no hesitation, I can put it in 90 degrees now and I do it a lot.... I got the power

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  • FMF Power-Up Jet Kit

    FMF Power-Up Jet Kit

    Colin in Kansas

    Dont buy this jet kit

    this kit will NOT put you anywhere close to what you need. i would use any other brand before attempting to use this jet kit.

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  • FMF Boost Bottle

    FMF Boost Bottle

    ben in OR

    save your money!

    This thing caused nothing but trouble! It sets so close to the head that it will eat a hole in no time at all! had to wire it back off the head even then it still rubs the fuel line which left me stranded in the middle of st.Antony's sand dunes! there is no power change ether save the money and get something worth the money!!

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