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  • A.R.C. Corona Boots

    A.R.C. Corona Boots

    Bruce in CO

    Great boot!

    Needed some new boots for my 16 year old son who rides sporadically.... great boot especially for the price! Excellent buckles and adjustability!

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  • A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Jacket

    A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Jacket

    Boostpanda04 in CO

    Very good jacket

    As a new rider, I love this jacket so far. It feels super safe with the durable fabric and the armor pads in it give me a lot of peace of mind as well. It’s been 80+ every day I’ve worn it and as long as you open all the vents and keep moving it’s not a problem. I have yet to test it in the rain and cold. Fit great with a little room for a coat underneath. Good pocket size in the front and the pouch in the back for a water bladder is a life saver.

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  • A.R.C. Corona Knee Guards

    A.R.C. Corona Knee Guards

    Mason in UT

    They do what they’re meant to do

    I wouldn’t even consider taking my bike out without protection on my knees. One little tweak to them and you’re paying for it for the rest of your life! I’m very new to riding so take my opinion for what it’s worth but I’ve really enjoyed my ARC Knee Guards so far. Being new to the sport, I’ve crashed a couple of times getting things figured out. I didn’t feel a thing on my knees or my shins at all so they seem to work well. They feel comfortable too so I don’t think you could go wrong here, especially for the price.

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  • A.R.C. Moto Socks

    A.R.C. Moto Socks

    Mason in UT

    Nice Socks

    Bought theses socks because the price was real nice. I’ve used them for a number of rides now and they feel comfortable and durable. Two thumbs up.

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  • A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Pant

    A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Pant

    Tristan in NC


    I bought these for the Trans America Trail this summer. 6500 miles with them and they are still in one piece! A bit larger than I would’ve liked, but manageable. Ventilation was nice and has plenty of pocket space. Zippers have exceeded my expectations in durability. Waterproofing was good, except when water would pool up in the lap area and eventually seep through when seated on the bike. Just keep water from pooling. After kneeling and working on the bike a bunch, the knee areas look worn and will probably be the first to rip. But for the price, I will buy again. I can’t justify paying for Klim, especially with how tough I am on pants.

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  • A.R.C. Corona Goggle

    A.R.C. Corona Goggle

    JASON in WY

    Great value

    For the money they can’t be beat. Comrotable and built well

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