Motion Pro Oil and Chemicals

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  • Motion Pro Pro Funnel

    Motion Pro Pro Funnel

    Jason in MT

    Motion pro funnel

    Very handy for when adding oil to a bike without a level of some sort. The gradients on the sides are nice. Only complaint, is that the lid will not stay on. If pushing it on gently, it will fall into the oil. Not really sure why there is even a lid for it, however, it would be great if it at least worked. Handy funnel, though. 5th start would be placed, if it weren't for the lid.

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  • Motion Pro Cable Lube

    Motion Pro Cable Lube

    GEORGE in WA

    works great with the lube tool

    worked great. I bought it with the new Motion Pro tool and my cables have never felt better

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  • Motion Pro Cable Luber V3

    Motion Pro Cable Luber V3

    GEORGE in WA

    Great tool

    its a must If your bike has cables!! Works great and is easy to use.

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  • Motion Pro Moto Spade

    Motion Pro Moto Spade

    Jacob in OK

    Does the job well

    I lost my old mud scraper so got this one being it’s motionpro and they make good stuff. The large paddle has a nice curve to it for larger fenders and the smaller side is good for wheels and small places. The brush bristles need to be stiffer to really help with anything.

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  • Motion Pro Low Permeation Fuel Line

    Motion Pro Low Permeation Fuel Line

    Stephen in FL

    Just too stiff for my routing needs

    I bought an aftermarket petcock for my DRZ400SM and changed the fuel line routing. This cable is too stiff for a close to 90 degree bend where I need it. It will resist kinking, but only because it is so stiff It can't bend in the first place. It seemed to play nice with my fittings and hose clamps during my attempts, though.

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  • Motion Pro Premium Fuel Line

    Motion Pro Premium Fuel Line

    Aaron in WY

    Best fuel line I've ever used

    I've bought over 6 brands of fuel line and for motersickles this is by far and away the best stuff. Stays soft and elastic over time. UV degradation is minimal. And it cuts well and doesn't discolor.

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