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  • NGK Resistor Sparkplug

    NGK Resistor Sparkplug

    Douglas in MO

    Long Lasting Spark!!

    The first plugs-the same- worked fine up to 80,000 miles. Just changed to be safe. When pulled, a nice light tan/brown colored. When the new units were installed- got 2-4 MPG better gas mileage immediately. Awesome!

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  • NGK G-Rated Sparkplug

    NGK G-Rated Sparkplug

    Jana in UT

    Good plugs

    Motor won't run without them. I use in all of my machines. These are really Good plugs and don't really foul that often so I like them

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  • NGK Standard Sparkplug

    NGK Standard Sparkplug

    Brittany in OH

    Makes spark

    Well, it’s a spark plug and it creates a spark which ignites my fuel and make me go fast. Pretty much does what it is supposed to do.

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  • NGK Iridium Sparkplug

    NGK Iridium Sparkplug

    Ruben in CA

    stock replacement for 2002 crf450 fit as it should

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  • NGK Racing Sparkplug

    NGK Racing Sparkplug

    Arthur in NC

    Spark Plug - Spare

    Always good to keep a few spare plugs. Works great. Great price and great service from Rocky Mountain. Between my boys and me, I can't go wrong adding an extra plug to my order every time.

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  • NGK V-Power Sparkplug

    NGK V-Power Sparkplug

    Dustin in LA

    Best spark plugs

    By far the best spark plugs on the market

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