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  • Schampa Skull Facemask

    Schampa Skull Facemask

    Matt in WA

    Bought on accident, but won't be returning

    I accidentally bought a facemask instead of a baklava. Review your order! But it fits nicely. I have used it when it is cold out, but it doesnt work with a full face helmet as it slides down when you put your helmet on. Oh well. I've ordered a similar baklava to wear under my helmet in the winter. I meant balaclava not baklava. You can't wear a pastry on your head while riding an ATV helmet or not. Review your review for typos!

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  • Schampa I-Tie Skull Facemask

    Schampa I-Tie Skull Facemask


    not as good as the mask with velcro

    the tie version of these do not work as well with a helmet

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  • Schampa Skull Balaclava

    Schampa Skull Balaclava

    DEREK in IL


    This item didn't keep me as warm as i would have hoped for. not bad for somewhat chilly days but definitely not for winter riding. A little to much pressure on your nose after a while.

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  • Schampa Billy Facemask

    Schampa Billy Facemask


    Face mask

    This is a light, breathable, cool mask that is very comfortable and really knocks down the dust. I would buy again for sure.

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  • Schampa Tube - Multi-Wear Headwear

    Schampa Tube - Multi-Wear Headwear

    Robert in NH

    Carry it with you always

    It is tricky to make a few of the intended designs/shapes but the basic ones are easy and effective. Whether you want to cover your neck only, your mouth or make a headband, it's light, comfortable and effective. It helps keep sand/debris out of your mouth if riding with an open helmet. A welcome addition to the tankbag whether you wear an open face, full face or no helmet at all

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