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  • Arai VX-Pro4 Helmet

    Arai VX-Pro4 Helmet

    Dominic in California

    Now I neeed to find a new helmet brand.

    I've used Arai dirt bike helmets for years and appreciated their fit and quality. When I tried my new VX4 Pro on the plastic vent monstrosity attached to the top partially fell off as I pulled my goggle strap over the top and into normal position. The strap didn't snag, nor did I feel any tension on the strap. I just heard a strange sound as the right side plastic (of three pieces which snap together on top of the helmet) bounced off the floor. The first time! I don't know why they decided to attach such an odd externally mounted plastic contraption to their helmets. It will likely fall off for others, and is sure to be a dirt/mud collection hassle.

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  • Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet

    Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet

    Tim in NY

    Like wearing a pillow

    Really like this helmet. I had the XD3 and when it came time to replace had to get another Arai. The fit is so comfortable and it is light. I used the size chart and it was right on. The XD4 has better ventilation in my opinion. I feel very safe in the helmet. Yes, the price was a struggle to get by but it's your head. The only thing I could complain about is the plastic air ducts on the top. I have not done it but could see breaking these going under and hitting a tree branch. All in all money well spent.

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  • Arai VX-Pro3 Helmet

    Arai VX-Pro3 Helmet

    david in TN

    best helmet available

    I raced this helmet for a whole season. Light and strong. Lost all the bits on the top of the helmet unfortunately but the rest held up very well. Will buy again.

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