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  • Odi Grip Glue

    Odi Grip Glue

    Peter in IN

    The size is what sells it

    I don't need an entire bottle of grip glue, so this size works perfect for me. I find that I really only need grip glue on the clutch grip because it's rubber to metal.

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  • Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - X-Treme

    Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - X-Treme

    jesse in PA

    nice feeling & amazing grip

    they where easy to put on and feel alot better then my old worn out factory ones. wish they came with a cleaner to remove the old glue and left over rubber. but nothing a little scraping an brake clean cant fix lol

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  • Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Ruffian

    Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Ruffian

    CHAD in CA

    Won't fit easily over Pro Tapers

    I thought the idea of these was great. 2 cons. 1- they don't easily slip over the serrated bar on the clutch side if you have Pro Tapers. I had to use a flat head screwdriver to pry and push the inside lock over which became a bit of a hassle scaring up the lock and new bars. In turn, the nice aluminum piece got a little botched up. Not to mention, when I banged the grip on with a plastic hammer, I didn't align the grip properly, and no way to move it. The throttle side went on in seconds and is good and tightened up fine. 2- Con 2- It does as previously stated add 1/4" of gap to the controls, which is a little annoying as I like my thumb throttle mated up to my grip. Other than that it's a great idea and they are on. When it's time to remove I plan on cutting the clutch side grip off and going with some conventional grips or grind down the the hatching on the Pro Tapers so there is zero struggle getting the grip on. TECH NOTE: MAY REQUIRE SOME SANDING OF THE KNURLED END ON THE PRO-TAPER HANDLEBARS.

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  • Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Rogue

    Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Rogue

    Mike in West Virginia

    The best on the market

    My son races cross country. This type of racing is on the most extreme conditions one can race in. We have tried EVERY hand grip on the market. He decided to try this grip. Glad he did. Even in very muddy and wet conditions they will keep your hands from slipping. With the lock on clamps they NEVER slip on the bars. We race GNCC and East Coast XC racing and they have been proven to work. Just try them they are WELL worth the extra money and they last way longer then any other grip on the market. By far the best. They are race proven. We will NEVER run any thing else.

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