If you’re in the market for the finest riding gear around, Klim is your choice. No other brand in the industry has such an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in quality and comfort. It’s the ideal option for every adventure motorcycle rider. However, even though Klim is primarily recognized in dual sport and adventure touring circles, that doesn’t mean that its versatility can’t offer off-road or street purists premium gear. That’s why you’ll find Klim products across all of our powersport categories: dual sport, ATV, dirt bike, UTV and street bike.

So what makes Klim stand out from other brands so remarkably? It largely has to do with their devotion to what matters to riders. For example, many Klim products (such as the Klim Badlands jacket) feature Gore-Tex® technology, allowing the gear to sport a highly sophisticated waterproof liner. Because of this, you’d be hard-pressed to find a product that better repels rain and still offers a highly breathable membrane.

Aside from supreme quality and comfort, Klim also takes protection very seriously. Many Klim products feature either D3O® or CE armor. Both are respectable options, though if you’re the type that loves advanced technology as part of your gear, you’re going to love D3O. When you’re riding, it stays soft and flexible – you might forget it’s there altogether. But in an impact, the molecular structure stiffens, absorbing the force and distributing it throughout the armor.

This is just the beginning of everything that Klim offers. From one of the most impressive warranties in the industry to smart designs that effectively manage body heat, you simply won’t find a better set of gear. Klim has a solid reputation for well-built adventure motorcycle gear with reliable construction. Major features that appeal to dual sport or adventure riders include truly effective venting, comfortable built-in armor and integrated pieces of gear.

With a complete product line that covers everything from jackets and pants to boots and goggles, Klim has something for everyone. Pick up a new set of gear from Klim to discover how incredible it is.

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Latest Klim Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Klim Dakar In The Boot Pant

    Klim Dakar In The Boot Pant

    Geddy in WA

    Great heavy-duty all around pant

    Forests on the peninsula, rocky steep single track in the mountains, Desert 100 in Odessa. The pants don't even have a blemish yet. Large side vents that breathe very well. Plenty of room in the knees for any kind of knee pad you already own. Side pockets. They fit well I am a 33 waist and I went with the 34 and it's perfect. I have ridden with them on some rainy wet puddly days. My feet were soaked but my legs were just mildly damp. Probably more sweat than water, so I believe they are fairly water resistant. They dry out fast too, the next morning they were good to go. Can't go wrong with Klim. They're pretty expensive but they should outlast anything else.

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  • Klim F4 Circuit Helmet

    Klim F4 Circuit Helmet

    mike in IN

    Quality Product

    Pros: Light weight, great ventilation, liner for cold weather, has held up well in weekly rides in tight single track, nice helmet bag Cons: I can't think of any.

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  • Klim Dakar Pant

    Klim Dakar Pant

    paul in OR

    High quality

    Best quality pants. Kinda hot in warm weather.

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  • Klim Inversion Pro Gloves

    Klim Inversion Pro Gloves

    Carl in UT

    Great Gloves

    Excellent material quality and construction.. I used them for DS and enduro riding. Blocks wind beautifully. Enough flex and comfort to use for technical riding. Also roomy enough to use Klim glove liners - helpful on colder rides. I bought a size M, and found that it fits the same as all other Klim M gloves I've tried so far. Hard to go wrong with this product.

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  • Klim Mojave Pant

    Klim Mojave Pant

    Jed in UT

    excellent pants for the heat of summer

    first and foremost, the quality of these pants are far superior to the other two more affordable brands i have bought and far more comfortable. the ventilation is in the right spots, front of the thighs, crotch, and around the waste. From waist to just above your knees are a very high quality mesh, that is durable yet provides excellent air flow to cool you off. from the top of the knee down is a very tough & padded material with leather on both inner knee down to the bottom of the pants. The legs are adjustable, just tighten up the 4 Velcro strips, and the legs stay put on your boot, or loosen the leg and you get even more airflow. great vented pants, without sacrificing toughness and reliability. these pants are worth every penny if you are serious about riding, and serious about staying comfortable.

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  • Klim XC Jersey

    Klim XC Jersey

    Doug in WA

    Good- better than average

    Simply a bit better quality constructed than cheaper jerseys, well specifically compared to my Fox stuff Klim is way better. Some extra body ("padding") n the elbows. Yes, it will still tear when you crash on rocks and grind through the fabric, and yes you can still snag it on a branch and if you try hard enough get a little tear on the fabric but the threads aren't coming unstitched and overall 4 stars, better than average. For me a 5 would be a jersey that is tough, like kevlar tough, doesn't tear or snag, is cool, and simply takes a beating.

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