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  • Shinko R546 Soft-Intermediate Tire

    Shinko R546 Soft-Intermediate Tire


    Great buy

    This tire is a splendid buy for the price!! It last well and hooks up very well. I was very pleased with its performance!!

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  • Shinko R505 Hybrid Cheater Tire

    Shinko R505 Hybrid Cheater Tire

    Vera in NY

    Im using this tire for rock cl8mbing, boulder n logs hopping...tire soaks up the impact great, feels like I have an extra 2 inches of travel in the front only thing is: a few nobbies on both sides came off but by time that occurred it was close to a tire change. i like this tire n orderd another.

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  • Shinko MX216 Series Tire

    Shinko MX216 Series Tire

    Andrew in CO

    Wanted to see what the buzz was about

    This wasn't a bad tire necessarily, but it didn't live up to the hype. I got the 90/90 21 size as I didn't want the super fatty to make the steering heavier. This tire doesn't like pressures lower then 10psi with tubless as it starts to "fold". On any other tire I've used, the folding sensation doesn't happen until PSI is lower then 6psi. After 20hrs, the tire is holding up well, with only light wear to tread depth and no chunking or cracking knobs. The only thing this tire does better the average is bump absorption. It does eat up roots and small rocks better then other tires. It definitely corners worse then a Dunlop AT81 or Bridgestone battlecross X30, or M59. It has a tendency to "wash out" when cornering. Not confidence inspiring. Would I recommend this tire? Yes, but only for some. If you ride 1st and 2nd gear gnarly singletrack, this is a great tire. If you ride 3rd gear and faster, I would look at something else.

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  • Shinko R525 Hybrid Cheater Tire

    Shinko R525 Hybrid Cheater Tire

    Shannon in OR

    Shinko 525

    good tire. Lots of traction with this tire. Hooks up very well.

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  • Shinko F546 Soft-Intermediate Tire

    Shinko F546 Soft-Intermediate Tire

    JOCK in IN

    Different kind of tire.

    I've been considering this tire for awhile and decided to order one to try it out. It made a big difference on the front of my WR250R. It gave excellent traction in slimy mud. I'm running it at 12 PSI and it absorbed the square edge shocks that normally get to my hands. The only negative (if I can call it that) is that it's not as stable as an MT21 on the road. I do serious off-road so that's a trade off I'm fine with. Very impressive tire.

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  • Shinko 705 Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Shinko 705 Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Pete in TX

    Like ‘em so far.

    Just had them mounted today, went for a fifty mile ride. Very satisfied so far. Much quieter. The only off road I do is an occasional dirt road, so I think these will suit me just fine.

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