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Sedona ATV Tires and Wheels: ATV Wheels

Sedona ATV Accessories: Wheel Accessories

Sedona ATV Parts: Wheel Accessories

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Sedona ATV Tires and Wheels: Tubes

Sedona ATV Tires and Wheels: Wheel Accessories

Sedona ATV Tires and Wheels: Wheel Accessories

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  • Sedona Dunatik Rear Tire

    Sedona Dunatik Rear Tire

    Joseph in MT

    Mounted right up great tire for the budget I was on

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  • Sedona Mud Rebel R/T 8-Ply Radial Tire

    Sedona Mud Rebel R/T 8-Ply Radial Tire

    Randy in NE

    The tread is fantastic and grip from hell!

    These are awesome tires, I'm talking grip that you wouldn't believe, these are on my John Deere Gator 355D and i would recommend these to anybody for such a good deal of cost that they are!

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  • Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire

    Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire

    Forrest in UT

    Helluva tire

    When I saw the RIPSAW's on my porch, I could not wait to get them on my machine. We had them put on and went on an 80 mile ride in the mountains by our home. They performed amazing. Rocks, dirt, mud, water, hills, they took it all on with ease.

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  • Sedona Coyote Tire

    Sedona Coyote Tire

    Keith in WI

    Tough looking, Quiet, More Aggressive than Stock

    I’ve only logged 25-30 miles with these tires to date, but so far I’m very satisfied for an affordable bias ply tire. They impress cllawing out of a steep clay riverbank, which is part of a daily routine for the homestead. While not a mud tire and likely to pack in goop without rapid wheel spin, the clay is greasy, but not deep and I can tractor up it without ripping it up. The same is true for mossy root strewn hill climbs, also part of the daily route; crawling up carefully and quietly without drama. Speaking of quiet, road noise is very low when compared to other aggressive looking tires. I credit this to the close tread spacing, which looks like a cross between an M/T light truck tire and an ATV tire. This apparently serves additional benefits, as they don’t seem to tear up the yard as much as even stock tires with wider tread spacing. Bias ply tires by design are known for a more rounded profile and less contact surface-these are about as flat as I’ve seen in a bias ply, at least at the ATV recommended pressures of about 4psi front and back. At 7psi, they take on a more rounded profile further reducing the likely contact patch. Personally, I recommend using the ATV recommended tire pressures (identified through OEM R&D), as do most other professionals. I live in the snow belt and experience tells me the tread spacing and siping will also help with plow duties this winter. In deep snow, they’re likely to dig, which may be a pro or con depending on your needs and expectations. The sidewalls are relatively soft, meaning ride quality remains similar to stock and puncture resistance is likely to be slightly improved over stock (due to closer tread spacing and taller tread blocks). With my current mileage and most of my riding being off pavement, only will time will tell regarding wear, though I typically get 5000 miles from a set of ATV tires. Close tread spacing generally equates to longer tire life and these tires are non-directional so they can be rotated side to side which helps even wear. In combination with pavement, alignment is likely to be the greatest enemy to ATV tire wear. Most ATVs I’ve aligned are toed out (negative toe) which provides nervous handling and poor tire wear. Slight toe in (within OEM specs) provides more stable handling/tracking and in my experience, less tire wear. Did I mention they look great? Inflated and mounted diameter measures a very stock-like 24.5-25” (I intentionally purchased 25” stock height). You’ll likely be concerned about differences in front to rear diameter when the tires are delivered, as the rears look substantially shorter-once mounted and inflated, they look and measure the same as the front. Tire weight is slightly heavier than stock, but not excessively so and well worth the trade off in grip, appearance, and overall performance. These aren’t a radial tire and cannot be equally compared to other radial tires that in my experience, ride better at high speed and are generally more durable with an increase in weight that may be noticeable at best or downright obnoxious. Lastly for the details, I purchased these tires with my own money and have written this hopefully to help YOU. These were about $80 each when purchased. RMA has been great over the years-no complaints. Free shipping. I’ve owned a total of 6 ATVs, 1 UTV, and currently have 2 ATVs in regular use; totaling over 35,000 miles conservatively between all of them doing quick math. I have ridden exclusively the Wisconsin and UP trails, in addition to homestead chores/trails and much snow/frozen waterway mileage. These tires were mounted to a 2002 Honda Foreman 450s with over 10,000 miles. My newest ATV is a 2010.

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  • Sedona Buzz Saw R/T Radial Tire

    Sedona Buzz Saw R/T Radial Tire

    Russell in UT

    Best tire for the price.

    Good tires, I am hard on tires and these hold up to the use.

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  • Sedona Cyclone Rear Sand Tire

    Sedona Cyclone Rear Sand Tire

    Paul in WA

    Sedona Sand tires

    These tires worked out great. Bought 2 more sets for our other rigs. Bought the package with the ITP steel wheels. No problems.

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