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  • Motorex Cross Power 4T Motor Oil

    Motorex Cross Power 4T Motor Oil

    James in CA

    Very Expensive, But You Get What You Pay For

    The KTM engineers recommend this oil. I doubt they are lining their pockets with gold by doing that. They know what is good. My guess is, there is a lot of testing and analysis done. Another synthetic oil would probably be fine. But why not use what the guys who design, build, and race KTM's recommend?

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  • Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube

    Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube

    Peter in NY

    Best for off road

    Nothing else comes close, lubes well and easy to clean after the ride. All my buddies are hooked.

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  • Motorex Top Speed 4T

    Motorex Top Speed 4T

    michael in CA

    Good oil

    Good oil. Recommend by ktm. Good performance and protection.

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  • Motorex Chain Clean

    Motorex Chain Clean

    Mark in OR

    Clean chain

    Extends the life of the chain and it makes cleaning easier

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  • Motorex Helmet Care

    Motorex Helmet Care

    Ryan in OH

    Great stuff

    For helmets and knee braces, removing the pads for washing seems to cause a lot of extra wear and tear, but if you don't do it, they'll be stinkin real quick. Using this stuff, I only have to remove the pads to wash them about every 4th ride. I use this after the other 3 rides and everything smells nice and fresh.

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  • Motorex Sport Max 4T Motor Oil

    Motorex Sport Max 4T Motor Oil

    David in KY

    too expensive

    KTM once had rotella as their oil sponsor, I bet it would be as good or better than the least thats what I've read in tests. The price of this oil is nothing short of ridiculousness.

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