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  • EVS TP199 Knee/Shin Guards

    EVS TP199 Knee/Shin Guards

    Douglas in NV

    Great product, but be careful!

    The very first time I put these on I tore a small bit of the seam on the inner part of the guard, as I was pulling up on it to put them on. It was upsetting but partly my fault I guess, just be careful where you grab them when you put them on and you'll be fine. That being said I have never worn knee braces or guards before this and they fit true to size, very well, and once I got on the bike I never thought about them again. Brand new out of the box very, very comfortable. Super soft material on the inside. They didn't slide around at all. The cap is very hard and seems to take an impact well. I'm glad I bought these and not some other kind. Excellent value.

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  • EVS Epic Knee/Shin Guards

    EVS Epic Knee/Shin Guards

    Kyle in CA

    Caution before buying.

    Overall these are decent knee pads. I like the brace style. My only complaint is the padding the goes between your inner knee and the bike. While riding the bolts from the hinges get squeezed between your knee and the bike and start brusing. And you get sore quite fast. So if you do buy them I suggest getting some thicker knees sleeves for extra padding

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  • EVS Burly Elbow Guards

    EVS Burly Elbow Guards

    Ron in CO

    EVS Burly Elbow Guards

    Very nice elbow guards. I had my doubts if they would stay on my manly arms or not since they don't have velcro straps. I'm glad they don't! Very comfortable, no slipping and I felt well protected. Great choice!

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  • EVS Revolution 5 Under Jersey Roost Deflector

    EVS Revolution 5 Under Jersey Roost Deflector

    Martin in NV


    Great fit and really comfortable when riding. One of my best busy yet from Rockymountainatv.com!

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  • EVS Option Knee/Shin Guards

    EVS Option Knee/Shin Guards

    Atlee in WA

    Great Buy

    For the price and protection you can’t go wrong in buying these they are surprisingly comfortable

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  • EVS T5 Vector Helmet

    EVS T5 Vector Helmet

    Matt in WA

    Great value

    Great helmet at a low end price. Normally wouldn’t put a helmet on my head that wasn’t at least $300 but this one is s bargain.

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