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  • EVS Axis Pro Knee Brace Right 2017

    EVS Axis Pro Knee Brace Right 2017

    Malerie in CA

    5 stars

    I have wore these the last 5 years and don't plan on changing

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  • EVS TP199 Knee/Shin Guards

    EVS TP199 Knee/Shin Guards

    Matthew in UT

    Great purchase!!

    I've been wanting to add knee protection to my gear bag for a while now, but have held out because most knee pads seemed cheap and ineffective, and I could never bring myself to spend the money on knee braces. Then along came these... For the price, I couldn't NOT give them a try, and I'm so glad I did. Pros: Great protection - I've had a couple set-downs since wearing these, to include falling directly on my knees, having my bike land on my leg, and taking a direct hit to the shin from a log I passed too close. A couple of the falls I would have at least felt the next day, but brushed off due to these. Comfortable - you really can put these on and forget about them. That being said, the shin guard portion goes well into your boot. I wear over the boot riding pants, but if you wear traditional MX pants you may run out of room inside your boots, or it could get uncomfy with the shin guards AND pants inside there. Quality - these seem like they'll hold up pretty well with a little care and maintenance. Materials seem to be of high quality. Bonus - these have a bit of compression to them, at least on me, which help my legs to have a bit more endurance. Cons: Sizing - I'm not a huge dude, 5'11 and an athletic 220lbs, and I can't see the L/XL fitting anyone much bigger than myself. Color - the color scheme is a bit "loud" for my taste Overall, I couldn't recommend these guys enough. I'm stoked with the purchase.

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  • EVS R4 Youth Neck Support

    EVS R4 Youth Neck Support

    Royce in WY


    My son really likes the fit under his helmet and easy for him 2 get off by himself

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  • EVS Glider Knee Pads

    EVS Glider Knee Pads

    Dustin in AL

    Great knee pads, but uncomfortable

    I love the sleekness of these knee pads and they're tough, providing great protection. Bad news is they rub the back of my leg in the bend of the knee terrible! I've tried everything to make them comfortable, but just can't do it.

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  • EVS Option Knee/Shin Guards

    EVS Option Knee/Shin Guards

    Dylan in PA

    Very good quality very strong this is the third set I owned! For that price they are excellent and very durable! Normally last about two years for weemend rider!

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  • EVS F1 Roost Deflector

    EVS F1 Roost Deflector

    Cord in WA

    Highly recommended

    Definitely recommend this product. Super lightweight and you hardly notice its there while offering good results.

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