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  • EVS Tug Sleeveless Shirt

    EVS Tug Sleeveless Shirt

    Aaron in IL

    Nice compression shirt.

    Only reason I have it 4 stars is because I haven't been able to use it yet. It fits well, I'm pushing 230 and the xxl is comfortable. Soft material and stitching seems durable.

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  • EVS F1 Roost Deflector

    EVS F1 Roost Deflector

    Rebecca in SC

    Just not well made.

    Don't usually do reviews but thought I would on this. This is junk thin and not so we'll put together. The grommets that hold the plastic to the pads had fell off in shipment Rocky made evs send more and my son did gncc this weekend and more fell off. The sticker's on the guard fell off in one race. I don't think he even hit the ground once. Rocky has been great but can't make up for evs putting out junk.

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  • EVS T5 Fury Helmet

    EVS T5 Fury Helmet

    Ryan in CA

    Great fit. Great price. Great feel.

    Fits snug and is very lite weight. The chin strap is the only complaint. The buckle itself is a little funky but beyond that, great for what you get.

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  • EVS Burly Elbow Guards

    EVS Burly Elbow Guards

    Don in CA

    Off road

    Very good product. Don’t bother me when riding. Light weight. Can use my arms like I don’t even have them on.

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  • EVS T5 Works Helmet

    EVS T5 Works Helmet

    Malcolm in ID

    For the price it is worth it.

    The helmet is definitly more of a rounded shape. For me it was just too uncomfortable for me. Fortunately Rocky Mountain is great and worked with me to get something that would work better!

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  • EVS Tug Impact Riding Shorts

    EVS Tug Impact Riding Shorts

    John in CO

    They fit good but wish there was a little more padding that was thicker and not as thin as what they come with.

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